Bamum Features

The Legacy of Ibrahim Njoyas

The history of Ibrahim Njoya, one of the most influential heads of the Bamum Kingdom and how he increased the use of the Bamum script. (read more)

Teaching the Bamum Script

How teaching the Bamum script and language will change with technology in the near future. (read more)

The Art of the Bamum

A look into Bamum art as expressed through script, painting, sculptures and royal objects. (read more)

Bamum Culture to the World

As knowledge of the Bamum culture and script continues to grow, we will see a bigger influence of the kingdom in the future (read more)

Bamum Projects

The Bible Project

Our premiere project, The Bible Project, digs deep into the grammar and vocabulary used for the Christian Bible and the translation produced. (read more)

The Learn Bamum Site

In conjunction with the Bible Project, a website is being prepared to teach eager students the basics of Bamum language in an easy to learn format. (read more)

Bamum Mobile Project

After completion of the Bible Project and website, work on cross-platform smartphone applications will be the major focus of the Bamum Project. (read more)