Bamum Mobile Project

Empowering students of the Bamum language with the total mobile experience

Project Goal

To provide students of the Bamum language with mobile access to language study

Project Technology

Node.js, Firebase, Angular, Objective C+, Swift, Android

Project Environment

iOS, Windows Mobile, Android

Project Director

Tramel Woodard

Project Lead Consultant

Laziz Nchare, Ph.D

The Bamum Mobile Project will not only allow students of the Bamum language to track their progress online, but the mobile project will also empower students of the Bamum language who may not have access to a desktop computer to conveniently access their saved phrases, vocabulary and grammar exercises through smartphones.

Future plans for the mobile application include podcasts, listening exercises and a live visual translation feature which will allow users to use their smartphone cameras to scan Bamum scripts and immediately generate the meaning of those Bamum scripts.

Bamum Projects

The Bible Project

Our premiere project, The Bible Project, digs deep into the grammar and vocabulary used for the Christian Bible and the translation produced. (read more)

The Learn Bamum Site

In conjunction with the Bible Project, a website is being prepared to teach eager students the basics of Bamum language in an easy to learn format. (read more)

Bamum Mobile Project

After completion of the Bible Project and website, work on cross-platform smartphone applications will be the major focus of the Bamum Project. (read more)